26 February 2008

Definitely being looked after...

This is what a Falcon looks like after you put a truck through it:


The mother & daughter driving in it were both hospitalised with multiple head injuries, back injuries, & so on... about as you’d expect.

Daughter was flown the best part of 1,000km to a big hospital in a capital city, to deal with a blood-clot in her brain. Her torso had torn through the seat she was sitting in so she wound up in the back of the car.

Both were given at least two months before they’d be considered as candidates for release from hospital.

Both were released home within 6 days.

Doctors were “shocked” at their healing rate.

If you’re the depressive kind of person who reckons that only nasty things happen around us, this should be some food for thought: yes, a nasty thing did happen... but the vast majority of the consequences have been shorted out & dissipated. You could call it a coincidence, an accident — but what it really means is that in real life, you & the odds need to become better friends, develop some shared understanding.


etbe said...

What we need is more train transport to reduce the number of trucks on the road.

Trucks wear the roads exponentially faster than cars (damaged roads are dangerous) and the weight means that when things go wrong they often go badly wrong.

More trains for passengers and more affordable inter-city trains would reduce the amount of traffic on the roads and also decrease the incidence of crashes.

Leon Brooks said...

rs: oddly enough, there was a recent TV special on pretty much the opposite effect — people in general are not able to afford cars any more, so suburbs without excellent public transport are tending to dry up & “ghost town”.

etbe said...

Interesting comment about not being able to afford cars, do you have a reference for that?

What part of that issue is caused by car purchase price and what is car maintenance?


With median house prices being greater than $200K in the cheaper cities (see the above URL) it seems difficult to believe that car prices can affect location for purchasing a house. If house prices in an area were to drop 15% then that would cover the purchase price of a fairly nice new car (EG Camry).