12 February 2008

Cooking with log tables

OK, so I bzip2punned it. Survive! Grow from the experience!

Ditch the emotive facade, make room for a genuine sense of humour!

(Er... no... puns ain’t it — but the ability to cope with or include puns is a good growth symptom).

These tables are strewed around Cook, South Aus, & appear to be a rather excellent re-purposing of the old-style “logs” (sleepers) now that they’ve been obsoleted by concrete ones.

Ummm... I wouldn ’t bother squinting into that map in search of the above tables, as it looks like the map is older than the tables might be. The railway line runs closer to the shop now, by at least 50m.

Bonus picture: doesn’t this chunk of Trans-Australia Railway at Rawlinna, West Aus look so very... outback?

Functional rather than beautiful.

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