28 February 2008

Checkout the chick?

So... you wander into a local supermarket, collect a few necessary purchases, wander back to a register, politely greet a fairly intense, well-stanced, neatly-dressed “checkout chick” & pass across the shopping... & what does she tell you? “Nice weather?” Sports results? Shop specials? Plain old hello?


She tells you that she tried to install Linux on her PS3, & it didn’t work yet.

Er... what?

Nah, dead serious!

Her “slow” BigPong “internet link” (I’m presuming a crippled 256/64 DSL1) took a “very long time” to download the pieces.

So... I’ve pulled down an ISO, burned an appropriate CD, stuck a config file onto a used USB stick & tossed the lot at the shop. Can’t let dedication like that go unpunished^H^H^Hunrewarded, can we? (-:

Let’s see if her flame of curiosity burns strongly enough. Her careful intensity reminds me uncannily of Mrs Waugh, so if we get a fraction of that strength aboard, we’ll not only have a more dynamic FOSS culture, we might even have katana swordplay before each Conf... (-: & of course, we can always put Zebee in charge of that if we want it fully cultured & interesting... :-)

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Leon Brooks said...

Fetched some lunch-ingredients from there today, was cornered & profusely thanked.

The CD had been investigated, but I needed to explain the config file’s use (it cues up the PS3 to install “Other OS” from the CD).