17 February 2008

Badge engineering

Not really Linux, but it’s fairly entertaining & I’m sure we’ve all seen equivalent digital labelling:

Mr Kipling
Exceedingly good cakes
6 Deep Filled
Mince Pies
butter enriched pastry
filled with mincemeat (48%)

Made in the UK, it says, South Yorkshire. “A generous dollop of my rich fruity mincemeat encased in crisp buttery pastry, delicious warm with cream.”

Oh, yes, & “SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS” plus warnings about nut traces, cherry stones, gluten, milk & sulphites.

Quite tasty little fruit pies, but really don’t have the substantial culinary impact that a big lump of finely-chopped moo or chook would bring them (-: especially after [reads carton] two months outside of the freezer :-)


Josh said...

I normally wouldn't comment on a stranger's blog, but my girlfriend works in a bakery and apparently gets asked this question at least once a day around Christmas :)

Apparently the use of the term mincemeat is not a labelling error but rather just a throwback to an older use of the term that is no longer really used. When this was recently raised in conversation at Christmas, my grandma actually confirmed that it used to be a common term for minced fruit as well as actual animal meat.

Leon Brooks said...

Yah, well, old Greek uses “brosis” or “broma” for “food” but that often gets translated as “meat” instead.

Once a day? I’d be breeding a small FAQ poster for that. (-: