24 January 2008

Welcome to Melbourne!

Countryside on the way over was a bit bereft of capturable icons but the ride was gentle & the seats comfy. Food was a tad pricey (e.g. $3 for a Mars bar) but went on special for the last 15 minutes.

Kerry & Haylie were cheerful & helpful plus David & Pat(rick? Irishman) buzzed about the place doing stuff like finding stuff & people. Kerry was pretty amazing as she had wanted to work right where she is since 7yo, started real-life work at 15yo, & was all settled in a train by 17yo. Her hubby works in a car factory & they seem to have made their off-work moments meet up with mutual happiness (for 7 years? some considerable time, anyway).

Power-sockets located under the bench in the dining car, so 4 passengers spent most of the trip there. Think they would do well to bolt a 4-way plug-pack adjacent each seat, later they can get fancy with a satt link & wireless routers. (-:

Aaaanyway, have things-to-do teed up for today & tomorrow, schedules for Conf & work seem to be meshing well. Breakfast time (baked Woolies buns, peaner burr), then away.

Thanks again to the Loxton family (& their cats, & an eeepc, & a WoW addict... oh, & three-flavour non-Neopolitan icecream) for busy accommodation in Adelaide, thanks to George Patterson for digs here, a block from a train station.

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