27 January 2008

A walk through UniMelb

Follow this trail for a simple guided tour of the way to LCA2008.

View the tour, save the images, suspend your laptop, then later resume & stroll along to follow it yourself.

LCA2008 promises to be even greater than any previous — even discounting Rusty’s words — & I’m privileged to have contributed a tiny part to the launching of it (ask Steve, Ryan, Erin, Donna, Janet or some others what a large part costs to contribute, & even people like Kev from the Uni have done small things (which accumulate to be large things) to make it possible).

There’s a few others I’d like to walk this simple little track with, but feelings of unreasonable terror — plus embarrassment — invented & used against me by different others prevent this even being foreseeable.

Such is the dented, flawed nature of the society we live in, very glad am I that we don’t all get a heavy dose of it.

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