12 January 2008


I noticed that I felt drained when dealing only with certain people. Always those people, no others. This began to puzzle me after a while, & since it was a small but definite subset of the many people I deal with, I guessed that there was a pattern involved here, so I went looking.

Lo, & behold! I found the Spiritual Vampire, also known as the Spiritual Parasite, Psychic Parasite, Energy Vampire, Psionic Predator, Pranic Vampire, & a whole collection of other things.

What is a Spiritual Parasite?

It’s a person (any person, regardless of size, gender, country, race, etc) who basically “feeds” from your spiritual energy, draining you & in extreme cases driving you to suicide.

That’s an extreme case, though, as typically they are more likely to be a boring, wearing acquaintance — or a dear friend(s) who are constantly offering advice & “helping” you to “solve” life’s problems.

It’s almost a defining characteristic of Spiritual Parasites that they manage to cast blame for the tiredness, confusion or the regrettable results of taking their advice to another person, typically an innocent, although almost anyone would do — just as long as “responsibility” for the ill-effects falls elsewhere.

They also have a habit of collecting disasters & problems to present as requiring their solutions to solve, or as objects of blame to assign to things they’re trying to convince you away from.

Oh, & Lord help you should you happen to have even the shadow of a genuine problem of any sort, for this will get blame heaped upon it in immense quantities — again, requiring the S-P’s solutions, for which you must be eternally grateful.

As to the regrettable nature of many of their “solutions,” prattle along the lines of “we had to do it” or “there was no other choice” will become depressingly (literally) familiar. Which in turn becomes a Very Bad Thing when such actually is the case, as such explanations will be discounted or outright disbelieved.

Aaaaanyway, when you wind up feeling distressed or worn down after facing any particular situation, have a little think about who else was involved, & see if you can find a pattern there. Such patterns are an enormous advantage to rid one’s self of.

I have to tell you, giving blood seems a lot less attractive after months & months of spiritual losses to one of Lucifer’s aides [apologies if Mr Loose happens to be one of your favourites].

Oh, yes, & if this referenced post seems a bit loopy to you, that’s apparently OK & in theme because I have just been told that all of my posts are basically insane. IMESHO that describes the describer reasonably well.


greebo said...

Hi there,

you are right on the mark. There are many people like that around. I now choose to generally be more careful who I give time to because there is a limited supply :)

Sandy Carlson said...

I have met quite a few of these. One was actually a clergyperson. What a nightmare. Their psychology is quite complex. They weave web after web of justifications for their cruel behavior. They know their awful and would like you to take responsibility.

As in Bram Stoker's Dracula, the only thing to do is flee.

God bless, and thanks for stopping by.

Leon Brooks said...

pipka: I feel honoured to have shared in said limited supply

sandy: I sort-of have. Unfortunately, there are innocents involved here (on top of the original Victim), which gives the Parasite yet another opportunity to drench the situation in the grinding, fearful, fussy worry which is their signature — well, it’s teaching me new depths (as if I need them) for the word “frustrating.”

A controlling situation/office such as clergy is actually quite typical for a Parasite, & I think in this case if they weren’t (almost by definition) opposed to anything actually organised, they would have styled themselves as “pastor” or something like that.

I suspect that Parasitism is more common in office politics than is generally realised.

susanchap21 said...

There is a very good video by Dr. Judith Orloff M.D on YouTube about energy vampires and how you can combat them. Maybe you will find it as interesting as I did.