25 January 2008

Training a doctor?

Ran into a Zimbabwean lass yesterday on a Glen Waverley train from town, who is learning to be a doctor at Deakin University. She was en route to her course, so literally training to be a doctor.

What was special in her case was her character: she had that careful, humble personality which values people enough to avoid short-cuts, & to do whatever it takes to be sure that she has hold of the right answer (sometimes literally “a solution”) each & every time.

This tall, dark & handsome lass is one of a long series of people I’ve intersected recently who have chosen an occupation a long time back, dedicated themselves to doing it well, & are starting to see results.

It’s inspiring to see this occuring again & again without any fluffing around, mysticism or fancy phychological processes involved. In some cases even — AFAICT — in the complete absence of any second-person encouragement.

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