29 January 2008

Too chatty?

Apologies to anyone I’ve distressed through being too conversational while running around doing Conf stuff.

I’ve been told — quite plainly — by one organiser that this is not helpful, & I do appreciate the direct, clear, manner in which they made their point — I’ve become thoroughly allergic to the process of having to guess my errors based on vague mumbling & random non-hints.

I would like to remind anyone else who has the slightest worthwhile criticism to make that I don’t bite, & do appreciate concrete feedback (& occasionally more fluid & agave if less formal feedback, thanks Andrew :-), especially if it can make what I say & do more lucid & useful.

Oh, yah, & I feel impelled to mention that the enormous range of people one deals with in being part of the Conf is separately rewarding. The variety in personality from bouncey to quiet, down-home to technophile, juvenile to experienced, all genders, sizes & races is quite refreshing & most welcome.

1 comment:

Clinton said...

Dear Leon,

You were not `too chatty' in any way, shape, or form.

Clinton (Antlr speaker)