17 January 2008

Thank You, WestAus Linux users!

A piece of the silly social games which were played against me is that I will be either dead or massively defective.

What this means in practice — since I appear to have failed to fulfill that role — which is meta-OK since I’m supposed to have failed at everything anyway — is that I get treated like a demented child, told nothing because there is nothing — by definition — which could possibly be important to me.

A significant part of those omissions has been what the Perth Linux community went out of their way to do for me while I was badly injured <*>. About the only hint I got was complaints about the nature (too techie) of an MP3 collection which was made up for me.

In this last week, however, I’ve stumbled across a few people who have carefully explained some of the (apparently many) awesome things which were actually done.

Since I’m sure that you haven’t been properly thanked yet, please allow me to start thanking you here & now.

It’s especially important that this help didn’t arrive because anyone had to do it, but simply because you could.

Thank You, E06!

More thanks to follow as opportunities arise.

* I’m still injured, just not bleeding all over the place, comatose, or whatever. However, those injuries have taken somewhat of a back seat WRT life’s priorities.

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senectus said...

Any time Leon :-)
After all that's what makes us a community.