21 January 2008

Souf Ohz mit pix

Have “suffered” some hospitality from Janet & Kim (& two woofers), found it to be quite productive.

Had a chat with Jenny Gillett from IT Share (also a midwife) about recycling old machines (conf stuff) & RAID1 settings for her server (CK stuff).

Got to see some amazing push-bikes, including a penny-farthing & an “ordinary” tall bike, in the process of watching a “3D Radio” presentation.

This was quite informal & very enjoyable, a lesson in impromptu community contribution to what is basically a commercial prospect — done, as mentioned, quite informally & basically because the participants enjoyed doing it, & the listeners enjoyed participating.




Here’s a one-minute dump (34MB, AVI) of the performers, different to 3D’s presentation as it includes sight, & the sound will be quite different (includes crowds, much lower quality audio).

Kim & Janet are right up in the hills, so will get to visit Mount Barker (SA) & Hahndorf en route to Adelaide for more worklets & to connect with transport to Melbourne. It’s going out of my way a little to help work & conf a little, but it’s likely to prove quite rewarding. Getting up into the hills is much easier via the Freeway than via the old “hills road” method.

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