31 January 2008

Peng-win Dinner

This was great! Held at the Markets.


Ayup! We all got a wad of little voucher cards to spend, & had the fun of wandering through the markets finding meal items.

This sounds a little bit... informal, but it worked well. Everyone got to eat what they wanted, when they wanted, & had a little sport discovering the best items available.

I had a marvelous collection of curries dubbed “Taste of India” followed by some “dumplings” (doughnut-like stuff cooked up into golf-ball sized nuggets, with chocolate && || honey) & a rather fulfilling caramel thick-shake, & got to explore random little stalls offering stuff like nougat || chocolate-skinned liquorice.

Oh, completely business-deductible, as well, since I had a work chat with Marc && discussed PLUG’s future with a handful of Perthians.


Train this morning was funny, rode alongside a very pretty (nice-pretty rather than simple show-stopper) lass who just could not stop yawning. Every time she stopped to think about it, her thoughts wandered through how tired she was, with inevitable results.

However, she’s one of those people who innately keep a grip on themselves, so the results were cheerful rather than distressed, & I think she’ll fit a reasonably good bench-mark: “not perfect, but excellent.”

That was an amusing way to gloss over the tedium of watching Tooronga, Kooyong, Heyington, Burnlie etc wander past the windows.

<digressing subject=“new”>

Last night, got to listen to a ’phone conversation in a furrin language, maybe Indonesian, en route. That was instructive, because I got to watch the pattern of the conversation without any insight/data from the words themselves.

Speaker was trying to insulate himself from actually answering any questions, which made reading between the lines fairly interesting & speculative.


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