28 January 2008

I was present! I slid!

Despite lack of screen (thanks, Uni’s room logic) & lack of audio (ditto), I got to sit happily in front of a dozen early-risers & open the Edu MiniConf this morning, with Mr TwinHead DuraBook facing the audience (who couldn’t clearly see same) as a stand-in for a 3m projector screen. Slideshow/talk went reasonably well, even got to answer a few questions.

I’d had a mini-inspiration last night, so instead of spending the early morning trying to get my notes printed, I worked most of them into the slide-show instead.

Spent some time afterwards helping with the Rego desk, got to know a few of of the other participants somewhat better. Met some Perth crew I haven’t seen for years, plus a handful of people from outer (ie not Western) space... was relaxing & enjoyable.

Slide-show is here.

PS, Oh, & Naughtons’ do excellent chips.

PPS, & the Uni’s provisioning (“Functions”) crew know where to get truly excellent biscuits. (-:

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