14 January 2008

Hitting the grass, Nullarbor return

The OK shop was open yesterday, so I dropped in & looked. As well as the almond jelly, they had a few cans of grass jelly, so I’ll try a smoothie-ish thingy made with that instead, a few hours from now.

At $1.35 a tin, that represents an actual saving in food costs compared with raw fruit, always a welcome feature.

Simple little distractions like this can be absolute life-savers when the rest of your life is turning to crushing, grinding horror. Well... not absolute life-savers as such, but they do tend to blunten the edges of some sharp real-life problems.

(-: This is not such a related problem, but... :-) it looks like I’ll be wandering across to Melbourne next week — possibly via Adelaide, & with a likely diversion to Sydney — so if you want something lugged across there (or back) I can probably squeeze up to a PC-sized box into the suitcase.

This needn’t be anything technical, could be conference documents, photo prints, a huge box of chocolates (from which you won’t mind a bit of taxation :-) or the like.

1 comment:

Leon Brooks said...

Hmmmm. The grass jelly was a bit more savoury than the banana really felt comfortable with, but still an interesting flavour.

Nevertheless, almond tomorrow.