08 January 2008

Crem de la crem

Modified my breakfast recipe a fraction today, & the result was an unbelievable improvement for such a very small change:

  • few bananas (3 today)
  • tin of almond jelly (540g)
  • slosh of milk (rough guess, 200ml)
  • dash of cream

Whizz whole lot up in ThermoMix (any blender would do, TM handles big lump of jelly (plus bananas) very well), & eat.


Ruby said...

Where do you get almond jelly?? Tried to send an email to SWMBO but had it returned. Any suggestions?

Leon Brooks said...

ruby: Asian food shop in Joondalup (behind ANZ bank) named “OK”, tins on rack inside door. Imagine that other shops will have it too, will try Asian grog-shop at the bottom of Fitzgerald street today, FYI.

WRT SWMBO, following the link in the error message will yield a new email address for her. Getting reliable (or sometimes even sensible) responses is an issue that I’m officially forbidden from dealing with.

Also, due to some dodgy administrative decisions, she’ll only be able to respond to that address ==normally== between about 10AM & 12AM EST on weekdays.

Er... BTW, these days, you are rubyp@...? I seem to remember starwon.net, but meanwhile, send to my name at cyberknights.com.au so I can bury you in detail.

Leon Brooks said...

Asian grog-shop don’t do it, but Shop 88 in William Street does, along with a whole pile of seriously different stuff, which all makes Almond Jelly seem quite mundane. (-: