31 January 2008


The birds I saw wandering around the airport (some of them, anyway) also frequent the Uni.

Here’s some of them playing together outside Economics & looking rather decorative:

No bell-birds involved here, although some of them do wax rather strident if you upset them.

Especially if it involves food. (-:


Anonymous said...

What is with the green background?

Leon Brooks said...

jeremy: Alternative is a sun-powered white-out.

Green seemed rather moderate & managed to add a bit of colour without drowning out Y-C’s jeans or (proper-coloured, femme) Volunteer shirt.

QC said...

I wouldn't mind a full-size copy of the original photo, if you still have it? qc at ryux dot net. :)

Leon Brooks said...

’Chi: done, as per email.

BTW, kmail rewrites your address (as posted here) correctly without any hints, so I guess a spammer would also.