30 January 2008

Akkana Peck’s presentation

This was truly excellent. I was dubbed manager for Old Arts A at the time, but had almost nothing to do since Akkana was pretty much self-managing, self-timing, the whole enchilada.

Her presentation was very practical & personal, without getting gooshey, & featured a python named “Pearl” — to the consternation of the language aficionados — & it mentioned Joao, a Brasiliano bloke who was very helpful when I first got into GIMP script-fu.

Akkana well earned her speaker’s presents, & I even got to make a valid funny: she’d been working with a demo-script called “blobify” in script-fu, switched to Python & couldn’t think of a name for that version of her script, so I suggested “blobipy” which was promptly accepted & used.

The delegates (audience) did well for themselves, too, with a few short, interesting questions.

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