02 January 2008

Air impeller bogs on digestive byproducts

Agoraphobia at first sounds harmless, as “fear of open spaces” but in real life it’s a bit more serious than that. It becomes fear of just about everything.

A very bad combination for this is strong pride, so that you mask the effects as much as possible.

The nett effect in my case has been that SWMBO fell sucker to some people who assure her that practically everything she decides (except where it crosses their own expectations) — no matter how ridiculous, destructive or painful it actually is — will work out just fine & safe.

This gives them inordinate control over her, masquerading as personal independence, & the result so far has been to separate us, cast strong fear over our little childrens’ lives, & suddenly bust up contact arrangements, leaving me $1800 short on airfares (plus another $300 for earlier booking moves) & sans children.

Oh, the above expenses fielded on a Disability Pension.

I don’t think you need to have been through similar yourself to realise that this sucks miserably, but if you have, I’ll have your empathy as well as sympathy (which I have seen from a breath-taking range of people already). Empathy & sympathy, as helpful as they are, won’t grant me my children back, & along with SWMBO’s servitude to the terroristas, those kinder are in a truly dangerous position (I believe eventually life-threatening).

Unfortunately, it’s complex enough that I’d almost have to produce fingerprinted, dripping knives (at a range of ~4000km) to get anything real done.

Message for the terroristas also: you do not serve the one you think you serve. You are doing pretty much the exact opposite of what your nominal leader would instruct, which means that you are working for a competing leader. To put it mildly, that means an embarrassing & painful end for you, not the glorious celebration which you foolishly expect.

Oh, & responsibility for inducing an enormous load of damage on innocent lives.


Ruby said...

Leon - I'm sorry about what seems to have happened. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Is there anything I can do to help you? I care for and about you all and hate to see that it has come to this.

senectus said...

0.o That sounds absolutely diabolical mate.
Just out of interest, the leader they think they should have so much _faith_ in, is one that seems to be modeled mostly on the ones that follow him?

Good luck mate, remember you have friends out here.

Leon Brooks said...

ruby: there is a crack of light showing at the end of the tunnel. Whether that can be built upon or not remains an open question, but let's put it this way: if supernatural events worked by straight democracy, we’d be facing a cheerful solution already. You’re more than welcome to help that along, if so inclined.

senectus: said leader is manipulative, selfish, almost can’t help scrambling other people’s lives to prove that he is important, in his little way. His wife supports him in this, which in principle is a positive thing, but in practice it means that she also has to lie & mislead.

I wouldn’t want to be one of his children, as they grow old enough to finally understand what is really going on (as opposed to just hearing the “team building” speeches).

senectus said...

wow mate, that sounds very cultish. :-(

Leon Brooks said...

senectus: not enough organisation to be a formal cult, which I suspect is partly deliberate & partly just the inability of a self-serving focus of power to truly expand.

The controlling, dominating personality is definitely in place, however. I have to hand a few witnesses who can speak from personal, independent exposure to said personality.

Leon Brooks said...

Terroristas, it seems, have a genuine English name: “Energy Vampire (one name amongst several).

There is a staggeringly large amount of documentation from a wide variety of sources (some formal, some not) available on the topic. Evidently, it is a problem with a wide spread.