19 December 2007

The virtue of crudware

Today’s image-enhancement acquisitions include some neat six-pack zip-up CD/DVD holders from King Kong in Rockingham (where I visited my sister Sharon & her husband Christos today) for the princely sum of $2 apiece. As well as a complete set of OS CD’s, these will also take an OpenDisc & some free books.

Also got a 28 CD/DVD holder for $3 to cram into my backpack alongside the laptop for lugging my own Mandriva & Ubuntu CDs around in.

Also got the ultimate in sound quality, a $3 headset with separate Mic/Headphone 3.5mm plugs. Well... if it doesn’t work nicely, the price essentially saves the bother & cost of a warranty claim. (-:

Reasonable results for ten minutes of junk shopping, I thought.

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