21 December 2007


To hand, I have a packet of Dukes Food Crunchy Munchy Pea Chips. When I first laid eyes on them, they just appeared to be simple chips... maybe corn chips or potato... then my eye lit upon their surface, to discover... texture!

So, a little exploration later (ie, reading the ingredient list) reveals:

Yellow Split Peas, Gluten, Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Vegetable Oil, Green Split Peas, Salt, Flavours, MSG, Spices, Mineral Salt.

Very tasty stuff (especially the Chili variant!), & that variety of flours means a variety of nutrition — nothing fantasic, but it's evidently an order of magnitude better than straight chips, besides being more interesting & flavourful.

These nutritional necessities (whoo, instant promotion) are available from an Asian food supermarket (which has all manner of other interesting items scattered around the shelves) in behind the ANZ bank in Joondalup CBD, named “OK”.

The Pea Chips in particular appear to be made in WA, particularly in Industry Street, Malaga. Ah! The wonders of modern technology... (-:

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Dukes food said...

hi leon,
We love that you enjoyed the pea chips we also have crispy noodles.

you can follow us on facebook (Dukes Food)

yes we are in wa and it is made and packaged in malaga wa

our email is peachips@hotmail.com
if you would like to reach us