27 December 2007


I was disappointed that the excellent little Asian shop “OK” was shut today, & that they don’t open on Fridays, the first time they show their faces is Saturday morning, which is not viable for me.

However, in the process, I discovered the neighbouring (43C Davidson Terrace) Indian restaurant, RedTurban.

RT seems to have the prices nailed at $7.50 apiece, which seems pretty reasonable for what appears to be (hain’t no eggspurt) good quality Indian food. Main takeaways appear to be about double that, not sure how the reasoning goes, there.

Need to give that a proper try now, but that’ll wait until after kinder-time, which oddly enough the Keg-&-Bean won’t.

Their temperature ratings are separately amusing: Mild, Med, Hot, VeryHot, XXX. One wonders whether the chef does a strip-tease for that last item.

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