16 December 2007


It’s funny, I’m supposed to be a Disability Pensioner, resting & recuperating from my injuries, but it just ain’t happening.

I have too much to do, & no time (or money) to do it with, & other people who are — let’s put it this way — “not rowing with both oars” are making important (& in some cases expensive) decisions about stuff which impacts my life.

Worse, said non-rowers are complaining that I’m not entirely satisfied with or agreeing to every detail of their personal decisions.

This appears to be all part & parcel of the same processes which lead them to regard absolutely everything I do or say as (by definition) wrong. Oh, yes, & they honestly (well, in a way) wonder why I might be upset by all of this...

Well, I shouldn’t be really surprised, after the mess we’ve made of this world — but this is remaining entirely too personal for comfort.

Read up about Drama Triangles to see if you can figure out why I’m heartily sick of being forced into the Victim role. Nor, when it comes down to it, would I find either of the other roles particularly useful or relaxing.

If you ever find out who a Nicolaitan is, a family of them assumed the initial Rescuer role here (although both they & the intermediary would — in dumbfounded fashion — heartily deny this), & now the relative (intermediary) forcing me into the Victim role is trying to switch roles to assume Rescuer — which of course requires me to assume Victimhood to complete the Triangle (refusing to do this, apparently, is “wrong” or possibly even “selfish”).

Persecutors/Aggressors (either people or suitable situations) are a “dime a dozen”.

One particularly harmful aspect of Nicolaitanism is the habit of undermining competing social teams, typically by blame-farming or collecting disasters for later use. Oh, yes, with a view to labelling them “wrong” to not so much make yourself look good so much as to appear to be the only survivor.

Yes, I’m well & truly satiated with experiences of constant argument, accusation & denial as well — & hope that you manage to avoid them as much as possible yourself.

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