11 December 2007

Oh, my Govindas!

The name in question has been assigned to a little restaurant in Northbridge run by the Hare Krishna crew. What strikes me about this place is not the “Hare whatever” written up everywhere, nor pictures of an old dude who appears to be important to them (& a prolific author), but the excellent food.

By “excellent,” I’m not so much referring to how fancy or intricately presented the food is, as to the straight-up quality of it. These fellas evidently take the growing & preparation of their food quite seriously, so what lands on your plate is quite tasty & wholesome.

It’s also served in reasonable quantity, so you’ll neither starve nor fight to finish it.

In economic terms, it’s pretty reasonable. A meal (including dessert & drink) is $7 (or $6 for concessions), & add $1 for the containers if it’s takeaway. So by adding a couple of samosas, I was able to eat one full meal & walk away with two other pretty reasonable meals for a grand total of $16.80.

I did ask, & they’re not fussy about things like microwaving food (although they very rarely do so when preparing it themselves), which is quite convenient as everywhere I work in the city has a microwave oven.

Oh, yes, & I’ve been told by a Christian to read 1 Corinthians 8:4, which says:

So concerning the eating of things offered in sacrifice to idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, & that there is no other God but [our] one.

I’m not a real expert, but that seems to pretty well cover the objections (AFAICT, IMESHO, insert acronyms to suit taste — although those fellas with the statues set all over their places might object). (-:


Pete said...

There's a Govindas in Darlinghurst in Sydney as well. Good food, and huge bonus points for having an inhouse cinema - perfect for lazing around after eating far too much. :-)

senectus said...

is it a safe place to eat for someone with zero tolerance for curry/spicy food??

From memory those guys are vegetarians as well aren't they?

Leon Brooks said...

pete: sounds like a proper bonus

senectus: they curry a fair bit (including their samosas) but you can ask & they’ll leave out the curry. It’s gentle curry, rather than bitey. They have a nice yoghurty drink, & (curry-less) desserts.

They also now have a thing which is kinda like a baked (not fried) samosa.

I grabbed a flavour packet from Kakulas (across the road) to go with (well, make) some noodle soup... & it must be said to be, well, curried. Just about lifted my lips off, couldn’t actually taste the noodles. (-: