20 December 2007

Odd installation issues

Machine 1: two different versions of either Mandriva or Ubuntu start the kernel & then wander off into never-never land.

Machine 2: Ubuntu boots, but starting the installer is a waste of time, as you get a blank window, hourglass cursor, & hyperstasis. Mandriva boots, but the startup menu goes static. Forcing it into a text-mode install works perfectly, but the resulting system yields a static boot menu. OK, boot into rescue mode, switch the GRUB graphics off, re-install GRUB, all werx ferpectly.

OK, so Machine 2 is working, but I have no idea why. (-:

Oh, & on a completely different topic, I need to build a dependable list of reasonable things for children to do in & about Perth — in order to make completely different things work.

No, this isn’t contra, fair or balanced (AFAICT) in any way, but doing it will be a step towards avoiding some painful, distressing, short-sighted & destructive choices being made elsewhere.

So... no matter how random that you feel your choices may be, drop them in the replies here, even if anonymously. They may well help.


Leon Brooks said...

OBTW, just because something is “obvious” to you (e.g. Zoo, King’s Park, Cohunu Wildlife, The Maze etc) doesn’t mean that the same thing will be obvious to me, so feel free to bury your comment in detail.

Too much information is much easier to cope with than not enough. (-:

senectus said...

How about the Text install?
I know that VGA buffer can react oddly on similar machines... (well from an Ubuntu experience anyway).

Sorry about the lack of details I haven't done an Ubuntu install in many months. Unfortunately my job requires I sharpen Windows world skills not Linux :-(

Leon Brooks said...

senectus: is there a special key sequence to making Ubuntu install in text-mode? I don’t remember one, by ’t’would be useful to know.

senectus said...

umm from memory it was a menu choice as the cd boots...
looks like this:

Leon Brooks said...

all: BTW, have SkyShow listed, as will be able to clear that then hop on a JetStar (modulo Qantas strikes) flight to MEL.

Abundance of suggestions most welcome.