20 December 2007

Mai Thai

This is an excellent little restaurant to which some people I was doing a little work for took me. As per the name, it serves Thai food — excellent Thai food — with a clear, pure taste. I’m not sure how this works, but even the plain rice tastes better than it should.

Anyway, they are at 583 Canning Highway, Alfred Cove (about 10 minutes from Perth down the Freeway & a tad West down the Highway), & it’s easier to park behind (there’s a driveway just left (West) of the door).

The decor has a distinct Thai cast, without being intrusive, & the people are quick, quiet, thoughtful & helpful.

Oh, did I say that I liked the place? (-:

Marvellous PR move, dudes, round of applause for that (ummm... & a Green Curry or Pad Prik Tofu, thanks :-)

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