26 December 2007

Hi-tech response to a low-tech problem (wheels within wheels)

Plugged my pushbike in at a petrol station in Jondalup to square off a flattish back tyre. Tyre went completely flat, as connector was stuffed.


Walk to other station, find that last night’s power surges have killed their air pump.


Next servo is about 4km (to be walked) down the road (& back), so instead I devised an exceedingly cunning high-tech solution.

Most shops still closed, so no way to buy a hand-pump, leaving only said solution: board a massive steel-plated & glazed electrical device, which runs along straightish pieces of metal via Edgewater, Whitfords, Stirling & Perth to the Raffles Hotel (or beyond). Disembark. Wheel pushbike maybe 300m to Caltex servo, find working nozzle; deploy, fill to repletion, become a cyclomaniac again.

See? Deploy enough technology, problem will be solved. (-:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Next time go all bush mechanic and stuff the tyres with grass.