21 December 2007

Foolishly feeling fat

Had lunch at Govinda’s today, asked for a couple of their little potato slice thingies (to see what they tasted like) & got handed large serves of the main meal.

This good, healthy, vitality-radiating food filled me up completely, to the point where I felt like a beach-ball on the verge of popping.

I guess it didn’t help that the day was hot, so I’d started by hoeing into a few cups of the delicious yoghurty drink that they serve.

Either way, I’ve become accustomed to (very occasionally) cramming full on rich food — chocolatey stuff, butter-laden corn cobs or the like — but feeling limitatious on clean, clear food was something of a novelty.

(-: As to the starvaceous African children, I would have benefitted greatly from having a handful of them present to remind me of the unsullied gluttony I was then indulging in. :-)


Jason Nicholls said...

Hey Leon, if you get a chance drop by PAWS tomorrow at lunch for a nice veg meal =)

Leon Brooks said...

Scratched my head over that, since “tomorrow” from Sat22Dec is Sun23Dec... then I noticed the “02:46” in the timestamp & it all clarified (sorta) as in, “tomorrow” means after the next sunrise.

I’m reading this on 22Dec mid-afternoon, so I guess showing up on Sunday (even if I could, due in Cannington from 09:00) wouldn’t be very helpful... but OTOH I’m due to wing it through Perth CBD on Monday about lunch-time... (-:

Sadly, I notice that PAWS is not open on Mondays, but I presume that dropping in on this particular Tuesday would also be unhelpful?

OBTW, free public transport in Perth tomorrow (Sunday) to anywhere so it’s an ideal opportunity for touring.

Speaking of PAWS, I see you get a mention on the website, so I presume that they use cruelty-free software as well? (-: