29 December 2007

Bouncing off Melbourne...

...at 5AM tomorrow, to Burnie (actually Wynyard) Tas, then (in theory) back again at chook-crow Tuesday morning to Perth.

So... if you’ve got a gadget or message that wants moving, or just like killing time at MEL’s town-sized airport, I’ll be flitting from PER at 23:05 WST (JetStar) to MEL from 05:05 EST to about 08:25 tomorrow morning, then Tas from about 10:00 (REx), again departing Tas 06:00 (REx) via MEL between 07:40 — 08:45 EST to PER at about 10:00 WST (Qantas).

Oh, wallowing in the luxury of public transport here, since I’ll get a train down from Joondalup to the Esplanade (busport), then a 37 bus from there to the airport, all for about $2.

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