30 November 2007

Vagaries of online flight bookings

When I moved some of the last set of flights, the only cheap MEL-PER flight available in the time-space available was on New Year’s Day.

Now as I go back to add another seat to that flight, I find no less than 4 flights available then.

None of them are at very different times (except for one that’d be a tad difficult to catch from a 6:30 AM flight from Tas, as it’s due to depart about when the REx ’plane goes wheels-down) or prices (they’re marginally costlier than the existing one), so I don’t have to change anything else, but it was fascinaing watching these new flights “materialise” out of the never-never.

Apparently, Tiger are planning on offering flights to/from PER about mid-Dec, so I’m hedging the return flights until that happens.


Major said...

I am booked PER-BNE on the 1st for similar reasons. Perhaps I should have waited.

Leon Brooks said...

Your mileage, as hey say (well, kilometrage here) may vary.

You may get more choices, you may lose some. Some the increased variety of choices may include undesirable attributes such as an increased cost — for example, moving/booking the flights to now-thru-xmas would have cost $650 a seat plus an adjusting fee.

Seems best to book about 2 weeks to 4 weeks ahead of travel time — do note the use of the approximate term “about.”

Ah, now I see why Burnie is BNW instead of the obvious BNE. (-: Hello from PER, Northbridge in particular :-)