30 November 2007

Kakulas wins again — thrice!

Today’s mystery product is: lemon cashews.

“Whaaaat?” was my initial response, but I tried one & it tasted quite nice, so I grabbed a small bag (about half to 40% of the price of supermarket plain cashews). The crew where I’m working quite liked them also.

They also get a prize for selling Slovakian chocolate/rice bars (quite cheaply) called — Gilbert & Sullivan fans take a breath — Mikado.

Finally, I grabbed some Brasiliano coffee powder for a workplace & they assembled me a cappucino. I normally avoid coffee because some of the common brands can quickly send me troppo, but I tasted this & reckon that the flavour is quite excellent — savoury & definitely caffeinous, but not intrusive or sharp. I can see how they spend all day drinking the stuff. (-:

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