10 November 2007

Fork The Penguin - velociraptors on ice

[Velociraptor-style dinos] had one of the most efficient respiratory systems of all animals, similar to that of modern diving birds like penguins, fossil evidence shows.

It fuelled their bodies with oxygen for the task of sprinting after prey

It seems that in yet another way penguins are indeed a beastie to be feared. They can out-dive, out-swim, out-cold & now out-breathe yet another set of competitors...

So it seems reasonable to propose... that if you want some genes to blend with yours in search of the perfect being (give or take a bilennia or few), you could probably do a lot worse than borrowing from Aptenodytes/Eudyptula. (-:


etbe said...

A post like this one really needs a like to some supporting evidence...

Leon Brooks said...

I was hoping that the main link for the post would be sufficient.

Unless BBC have changed the thing.

No, not yet.

etbe said...

I didn't see the link because in most cases a link on the title will be a permalink for the item.


To avoid future confusion you might want to consider the suggestions in my above post.