10 November 2007

Abundance of UI problems, spring is definitely here

<click> Applications

<click> Games...

[list of maybe 100 or so games appears]

<Master 8yo> “Oh. Which one is it?”

We settled on Fish Fillets after trying out a handful of minesweepers & jewel games.

So... what problem do I have with games on Linux? Well... too many of them. (-:

SIITA: just got around to closing my outside window a few minutes ago after 21:00 (9PM). Not cold. Took the kinder for a nice putter around Mackintosh and Tullabardine Dams this morning. Sort-of participated in the Tullah Challenge (walked said kinder backwards through running-racers alongside Lake Rosebery). Warm, relaxing day. Now if Telstra extracts a digit or two, so allowing real GSM ’phone coverage & maybe even a DSLAM in town, I’ll be able to stop whining about services. A little. (-:

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