09 November 2007

8000km commute

It looks like we’ll be toddling back to Perth for — amongst other things — a friend’s wedding in December.

If so, I’ll probably have enough work arranged by then to actually pay for the trip.

Which will lead to questions about why we wanted to make a “new start” with a sea change (Indian Ocean for Indian Ocean). That should make life interesting.

Meanwhile, got some more work done on a Perth machine & probably arranged work on at least 2 others while I’m over there. & if I get paid early enough, might pick up the guts(y?) of a new machine or two so I can quit whinging about this one.


senectus said...

did you need me to burn some new disks of ubuntu for you? "gutsy"?

Leon Brooks said...

Actually, burning a new computer to replace this (slightly improved) junker would be more useful. (-:

Amongst other things (I think I mentioned this) the DVD drive on the original wouldn’t read DVDs. The CD-burner fitted to the newbie won’t even eject, so I guess a transplant is on the rolls.

Hmmm. Gazing idly at the sda# partitions on this other server in Melbourne, & the machine was fitted with storage appropriate for the time: a pair of 80GB drives. I’d have trouble buying anything that small these days, they seem to start at 160GB & work up.

My age must be showing, as I can remember installing an awesome 5MB (not GB) RLL drive in a DEC Rainbox in about 1981. By pulling some tricks (overstepping, inter-sector gaps etc) with an ordinary 3.5” floppy drive plus compression, one can easily store roughly that much these days.

senectus said...

I could burn them as ISO's.. then you can install and upgrade from mounted ISO's?
Sorry, but I don't yet have a desktop manufacture lab :-)