24 October 2007

You b-ewe-dy, Senectus!

I got an ExpressPost in the mail today, from a sunny Perth mid-Northern suburb, which has to mean that AusPost got clever & shipped it across the Tasman to Burnie, Devonport or at the very least (stretching it for time) Launceston rather than Hobart if it was posted on Monday.

Sharon, the postmistress, was quite surprised that it had arrived, but I’d warned her on Monday that it was coming.

It contained a Gutsy Gibbon desktop CD, another one labelled “alternate”, & a full DVD. This all proved useful because I was able to use the LiveCD to inspect a system while another box (with a dodgy DVD drive) set about upgrading itself from the “alt” CD as I got my laptop copying (scp) the DVD across the wireless at about 600kB/s because despite being told to not fetch updates, the upgrade fetched a few items down the whoopie-how-fast-am-I dialup modem line, which was going to mean a 2-3 day wait instead of an hour or so, & I hope as I watch linux-image-2.6.22-14-virtual_2.6.22 copied across that a restarted upgrade will find a lot more of what it likes from the DVD image.

The dynamic-address server will also get fed DVD contents tonight to make it a more peaceful home-seeker in Wynyard tomorrow.

Watching that scp out of the corner of my eye has been quite educational. Ubuntu has a stunningly broad range of services packed into this one DVD. Now I have to find out what libmeanwhile & libmalaga do for a living, for example.

Until then, I’ll be counting ‘U’s as I sleep. (-:


Major said...

meanwhile allows OSS IM packages to join SameTime networks. When you find out about malaga let me know

senectus said...

My pleasure Leon :-)
What annoys me is that Gimp 2.4 was released, and wont be added to the "official" repository until the next release in 6 months.
It just means we have to hack our way around it :-P

Leon Brooks said...

Major: will update on malaga after upgrade is complete (locked files, big wait, probably be awake to talk about it tomorrow morning (00:52 here now)).

Senectus: 2.4rc3 did ship with Gutsy & does appear to be indistinguishable from the official release.

Leon Brooks said...

Ah! So it _is_ Major-oriented after all... <quote>

Malaga is a system for implementing natural language analysers: both grammars and morphologies can be created. You will not be needing this package if you do not intend to do research on computer linguistics or develop computer programs that need to do advanced processing of natural languages.

This package contains a set of standalone programs that can be used in developing and playing with grammars and morphologies. One of the programs uses a Tk/TCL module for displaying graphical analysis trees.