17 October 2007

Worms don't come easy, to me...

...well, actually, they do; & to SWMBO, nearly a centimetre in diameter & maybe 10-15cm long. Fairly impressive worms down in a non-apple part of the Apple Isle.

Miss 6 went totally spare when asked to fetch a lone slug with her rubber-gloved little hands, though.

SWMBO finally felt inspired to work on the front garden for a bit, & it’s got a healthy-looking layer of plants in it now. Might even have an Aram Lily which appears to have squeezed under the fence from next-door-behind’s place, too.

The lawn’s showing obvious signs of recovering from the thrashing I gave it with the mower, so it obviously needs another one. Funny, most of the gardens hereabouts are fairly bare & barren... so I guess their owners simply can’t be bothered trying to grow stuff — native plants have no worries, grow straight into the rock as needs be.

Back in technical-land, it’s time to learn about web-cams, it seems. Not for this little blip on the map, but there’s a place up in Stanley which wants some. Hmmm... it seems that el-cruddo USB webcams are about $40, & ethernet cams start at about $270 (640*480, 30FPS, that includes WEPped wireless), $750 with pan & tilt.

Hmmm. There are some decent still cams for around the $200-$300 mark — but that would mean a USB cable, & they’d be a security risk &/or difficult to mount externally. Wireless gives some unexpected benefits on top of reduced wiring: remote/flexible mounting & lightning resistance.

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