23 October 2007

When given lemons…

…one positively must make lemonade.

So I shipped 11,000 pieces of spam to Kylie as ingredients for her quest to find a use for spam.

This was a good deal more satisfying than feeding it to a rendering-down script which generates (107,000 so far) blacklisted sender addresses for my email server, especially since it represents about a month & a half of spam (with the server putting a knife through the throats of about 90% of them before they come in the SMTP door).

Actually, my spam is down from over 1,000 a day circa two years ago to about 70-100 a day now, despite the overall increase. These figures are after the server bins 90% of them for sins like invalid domain or identifying themselves as an unlisted host.

On a completely different topic, I note that I didn’t mention an important feature of Drama Triangles: the participants are typically either blind to their place in this system, or misinterpreting it.

For example, it must be OK to help people (Rescuer) but there are so many around who just won’t take good, clear advice (Victim) so I must try harder to help them — & never mind (Aggressor/Persecuter) the screams, protests & other signals which indicate that I’m playing with the wrong band. Or instruments. Or tune. Or planet (small ‘p’).

It seems harder to combat (or even identify) when it blends so well with established human nature. Human nature is too big a problem to fix (or sometimes, even face) en bloc.

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