12 October 2007

Size of a monopoly

Monopolies aren’t always so very obvious.

For example, today I went looking for ADSL providers for the town of Wynyard. I know Telstra have DSLAMs in the exchange there because I’m dealing with a bloke there on one of their $17 plans, who’se looking for a bit more bandwidth & a static IP.

ISP after ISP tells me that they don’t service the numbers I provide (which include the Waratah-Wynyard Council & a large mid-town supermarket).

I surmise that Telstra simply have the immense bulk to be able to afford to drop DSLAMs into random exchanges (but not Tullah’s) & the beauracratic stickiness to escape giving other ISPs access to the equipment in timely fashion.

Either way, no joy, yet. I’ll try a few who service people I know in Burnie, the next town East of Wynyard.


senectus said...

If static IP is a sticking point, Dynamic DNS is rather good and reliable these days...

Gary said...

The council/supermarket may have PABX or something on their line. Here's a page with a Wynyard number that would work according to Internode's checker:
Wynyard Camera Club

Leon Brooks said...

senectus: it needs to be static IP, to (for example) run their own DNS.

gary: thanks, I'll try that number with a few other providers also.