04 October 2007

Sans what?

I’m wondering if Celerons are commonly wonky in well-known ways?

This one, every so often, has the odd application die silently.

Sometimes, updating random stuff makes it happy again (as it did for KMail once). It feels oddly MS-Windows-like, but I know it isn’t the software because the machine this replaced was installed from the very same ISO, & doesn’t do this misbehaviour.

One recent oddity — only the last few weeks — was to display text boxes (in Firefox) using a tiny, unreadable font. I fixed that by changing the font from Serif to Courier New using about:config since the Edit/Preferences dialogs were empty.

Maybe someone will hand me a winning lottery ticket or a forgotten wad of hundreds so I can go out & buy a less crufty set of brains for this machine...

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