03 October 2007

The Return of the Laptop

Mr Durabook rolled up from Melbourne yesterday, with a shiny new set of power plugs, & takes a charge like a champion.

I did get one grumpy surprise in that the 3-year warranty is only a labour warranty for the last 2 years — which the wholesaler I’d bought it through had definitely not made clear, so I had to pay for parts.

Even if they were generous & gave me 9 months back for the time I spent off the air last year, I’d still be over the limit.

On the other hand, their repairs are really well done. As well as actually fixing the stuff they had to, they’ve added some nicer touches like replacing the edge I broke off instead of just sticking it down again. No extra parts, no extra cost.

As well as replacing the dodgy worn-out inverter which drives the display, they went through & replaced the worn-out wires connecting up the display itself (which they didn’t need to do because it wasn’t actually broken).

It feels much more solid & “new” than when I sent it away a week or so ago.

Oh, yes, & actually works! (-:

Round of applause, TwinHead! (-:

1 comment:

senectus said...

Yeah the little I've had to do with them has been a surprisingly pleasant experience as well.
Those Durabooks are a great way to buy a halfway tough machine without paying the premium you get slugged from the other well known vendor starting with P (sounds like para-phonic)