26 October 2007

Phantom Aggressors

One aspect of the Drama Triangle which many people find puzzling is the case where there’s no obvious Aggressor/Persecutor/Attacker.

An obvious answer I’ve seen in action is the Phantom Aggressor, which is an accumulation of aggressive events collected by a nominal Rescuer.

They use many excuses, but the bottom line is that they need some appearance of Aggression to justify their intrusive Rescuer character, so if there is none then in one way or another, it gets invented.

The Rescuer has to take care when doing this that they aren’t seen as they really are — an Aggressor — else it blows their whole plot-line, so they have to go out to dredge up another Victim if they want to continue their “Rescuer” role (which is basically an addictive/obsessive power-hunger at work as a subtle Aggressor, nothing genuinely altruistic).

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