27 October 2007

More GIMP 2.4

OK, a few details (from rc3, ex Gutsy)...

  • Selection tools have been improved out of sight. Well, actually, they&rquo;ve been improved into sight in some cases. You get heads-up display of the options, & the rectangular selection allows you to dynamically add & alter rounded corners. Slight, but nifty new feature.
  • Foreground Selection now has another method available: paint on an object within the general selection area & GIMP will select the whole object. You can re-paint instantly if the clues you gave turned out oddly.
  • Alignment of objects now includes layers, paths & guides; aligned on an object, the selection or the whole image.
  • New menu entries make colour management simpler.
  • More file formats: PS’s ABR brushes; more EXIF stuff for JPEGs; clipping paths in TIFFs; deeper bitmaps & Alpha support in BMPs; PSDs get layer masks; more icon types can be read & saved to.
  • One-keystroke full-screen toggle.
  • Colour profiles.
  • Much smarter Crop tool.
  • Simpler, clearer Print page.
  • Nifty new RedEye removal tools.
  • Cloning with a perspective outcome.
  • Lens distortion (barrel, vignetting) correction.
  • Sticky JPEG quality settings.
  • Plugins have been turbocharged, & can appear in any menu. Some (such as SpeedBlur) have had useful new modes added.
  • A whole plethora of new Scripts were added.
  • The Scheme interpreter has been improved immensely. It can handle UTF8 charsets, for example, & has regexps & other useful new parts.
  • & so on...

I said that it added up to a lot; there’s much more I could cover, but that looks like a reasonable dose already.

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