09 October 2007

It was a dry day today...

...so of course SWMBO wanted to hang some pieces of cloth on the clothesline to air & rinse. Well according to BOM, she’ll probably get that effect tomorrow afternoon & evening.

In other random news, I think I’ve made a deliberate political decision for the first time in over a decade... I’m inclined to vote for Ben Quinn, who seems to be willing to tell his (nee Liberal) Party to get nicked when they want to dictate terms of thought to him (in this case, Ben was listening to his electorate, & his party weren’t).

He seems to be able to think outside the political box in practical terms, which contrasts with non-thought (Gilbert & Sullivan’s head of the Queen’s Navy) or the completely wild thoughts of someone trying to make a point.

[BTW, thanks, Davyd (via Google) for that last link from your Planet-ish]

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