23 October 2007

I have %RRND_DIGIT[2-2] vacancies in your country

I’m not quite sure how this works, internally, but there’s something mysteriously twice as offensive when someone can’t even be incompetent at you competently.

I got a whole — I think “mess” is the correct description — of spam just now, all with the above title, so it looks like they clean forgot to push it through whatever their parser amounts to before they force-fed the Internet with it.

The underlying message, of course, is that we’re seriously not worth them caring about in the slightest. We’re less than “a market.”

Someone with that much lack of care isn’t even worth despising. If I stumbled across a machine generating that kind of crud, I’d be sure to format the backup systems first. Carefully. With random patterns. Then see what else is on that LAN.

Oh, yes, & have a nice day. (-:

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