26 October 2007

GIMP 2.4 making 'doze more survivable already...

Grabbed a copy of The GIMP 2.4.0 for Windaz to tweak some colours on & scale an image on this machine.

The changes all appear small, but they do add up to a lot.

Little things — like being instantly able to scale a paintbrush — make ordinary life easier, but there’s a lot of stuff which new (& PS) users will find amazingly obvious simply because it’s right in front of them rather than tucked away in a menu somewhere.

Today’s interesting products included extending Tullah’s sense of humour a little. As you walk over Mount Farrell & first glimpse Lake Mackintosh on your way to seeing Lake Herbert (tucked away at the top), you’ll find a plastic chair there, placed perfectly to rest on & view Mackintosh.

Now there’s a second one just where the forest gives way to grassy stuff on the way up, & soon (Sunday?) there will be a pair at the top, then also a pair at the break.

The chairs are adorned with genuine Leon handiwork, to wit, the words “VISIT | TULLAH TAV | MUSEUM & CAFE” in neat black Sharpie, & it really is quite a good idea. They cook well, they’re friendly, & they know what’s going on locally.

(03)6473-4141 or stop in on the main highway just across from the fuel station.

Oh, yes, & they do accomodation so you’ve got somewhere to sleep after the 3-hour trek up to & back from pretty little Lake Herbert. (-:

One Windowzism which I still find annoying is that you have to do the Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V thing to copy & paste, whereas I’m accustomed to select/middle-click instead.

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