07 October 2007

The duck got fired...

...although Mount Murchison still has a crust of snow atop it.

I got about 5m of lawn re-cleared to garden bed (& I say re-cleared because I uncovered some plant tags & other buried evidence which confirms that there was once a garden there already) & imported a wheelbarrow-load of topsoil from the other side of the football oval.

The topsoil is excellent exercise, since I use a small shovel, which makes the operation low-stress but aerobic & this gets followed by about ten minutes’ toting the load back past the oval & across the Murchison Highway.

That was well-timed today, since dark clouds were accumulating over Mount Black from the general direction of Strahan, & it started to rain just as I arrived home.

Clearing the bed is not good exercise since it’s well-bound-together grass being pulled away in a solid lump, which is quite difficult & stressful (it unrolls back into the ground, if you let it), plus involves quite a bit of bending over & lifting under load.

This was quite pleasantly low-tech after sitting before a screen all morning.

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