10 October 2007

Completely random debugging

When your Ubuntu Feisty installation mysteriously decides to confuse KMail (running under GNOME, but not on general principles) so that it starts but won’t fetch mail or do anything else useful (the app just goes into hyperspace), the obvious solution is to do some updates, isn’t it?

Well, maybe it isn’t, but I had a couple of hours (in which I was thinking about stuff & word-processing but wanted to browse some news & search for more complete opinions at the end of the typing) so I told Ubuntu to get on with the updates while I did my thing... & KMail sprang into life — or rather, was sprunged into life. since I’d shut it off & restarted it — so I suspect that some of the random-looking KDE updates brought KMail some joy.

Maybe KWallet was squoze in there somewhere, although none of the package names confessed this.

Aaanyway, this ancient machine is now down to one decidedly annoying bug — selecting fonts in OpenOffice Writer’s Styles takes forever — maybe half an hour — but everywhere else is fine.

I’ve Googled for answers but evidently lack enough imagination in phrasing the queries.

It’s shut-off-clothes-dryer time now (it’s been running on 6c/kWh instead of the usual 15c) & off to the sack. See y’all tomorrow (well, later today...).

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