31 October 2007

Click, click, wait...

Another dial-up lesson learned post-facto: idly clicking on software packages to install can be a time-consuming idea...

For example, deciding to see how Wesnoth is progressing only costs 2011 bytes... not very wearing... but that invites Synaptic to quietly add wesnoth-data (25.7MB) & wesnoth-music (25.6MB), which suddenly adds about 3 hours to your download time... which you (well, I) notice when there’s about 5 minutes left of it.

Errr... then you notice some more minor additions... wesnoth-editor (1.5MB), wesnoth-httt (5.1MB) & from the look of the bar-chart, about another 8MB of other stuff (which may be mostly non-Wesnoth [edit: wesnoth-rsg@1.8MB, wesnoth-trow@4.3MB, wesnoth-ttb@0.4MB, wesnoth-ei@1.2MB, wesnoth-utbs@5.1MB]).

You’ll notice that I haven’t lost any time at Wesnoth itself yet, either.

I guess MySQL will have to wait until tomorrow (sorry, Arjen, PostgreSQL survived the upgrade), or I’ll have to figure out how to add the collection of .deb’s from the DVD to the package lists without being able to use the actual DVD (’coz the drive itself doesn’t work (with DVDs) on this machine).

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