30 September 2007

Then it rained

Many of our 13#### calls get routed through to Melbourne, but I hadn’t realised that our weather came from there as well. Last night, it rained.

Seriously rained — the house shook. Then ths morning it rained again. And kept on raining. We’ve had maybe four five-minute rests in between.

Now I think I can understand why West Australians are called "Sandgropers" — it’s the opposite of “sludgegropers” which appears to be what we’ve become here in the Apple Isle.

Here’s one for Davyd, by the way: I’ve discovered that Mongolian Lamb Mix tastes really great as Mongolian Vegetarian Dim Sim Mix.

These little taste bites may be dodgy on the definition of “Dim Sim” but they're fairly clear on their vegetarianity. The only spice on them is a touch of chili. The Mix adds a vaguely artificial flavour but the nett effect is rather yummy.

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