03 September 2007

The terror of standards?

How bad is it when SWMBO cuts loose at you for wanting the two littlies to write those big, milk-giving moo-ish things down as ‘kau’?

On a completely unrelated topic, I went for a trundle down to Zeehan yesterday, & re-learned how bad Rosebery’s roads actually are. The chunk between Rosebery & Renison (“BlueStone Tin”) is at least as bad for slippery corners etc as Mount Black, but loses some of the interesting trees — in favour of big, solid rock-scapes, & at the cost of waterfalls (which were all up & thundering ’coz it was raining all day).

It does avoid most of the steep slopes, & I gather from evidence of past earthworks that there was a fair bit of running around with bulldozers, sticks of jelly & large trucks involved in this. The few remaining km from the highway turnoff into Zeehan proper (over the well-named Pea-Soup Creek) is quite level & straight.

The poor blighters pay higher supermarket prices (by roughly 20%) than even Rosebery. That’s an artefact of being out on the back end of nowhere, I suppose.

One of the blokes visiting Zeehan was ex-Strahan & kept telling me how good that town is, so I guess one day I’ll have to plod down there with a camera to see whether he’s right or not. They’re another 60km or so, which if distance is a factor will make their supermarkets (if any) bear even steeper prices.

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