25 September 2007

Biscuits on toast

This morning I was tossing together breakfast for der kinder, & we’d settled on toast. However, I’d already used the boot polish (Vegemite®) & glue (peaner burr) so was looking for something different to use.

I don’t have to share Barbara’s wonderful (& local) Saville orange marmalade, & nor do they like Mountains & Miracles’ (Zeehan) ginger marmalade... so I grabbed some choc-chip biscuits (a rare acquisition by SWMBO) & plonked one in the middle of each slice of toast.

When I presented these, both AnnéRose & Alexander looked carefully at me as if I’d just sprouted large tentacles, or offered them sliced Devil or Wombat; then they laughed & tried some.

They had tremendous fun reconciling the biscuits’ hard discs with the (relatively) soft home-made bread while they ate, so I have to declare this breaksperiment a success.

One does wonder where juvenile demand will lead the next meal, however. (-:

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